SiLA Contact


For Administration / Invoices contact:
Swiss Office: Carmen Condrau
Phone-no: +41 76 701 01 19
Availability: Wednesday and Friday 9am - 1:30pm CET
For urgent inquires please contact us by e-mail:


Other contacts:

President: Devon Johnston
Treasurer: Thomas Frech
CTO: Daniel Juchli
Head of Member Care: Erwin Althof
Head of Events: Patrick Courtney
Head of Marketing/Communication: Haike Süring
Head of SiLA Conference: Patrick Courtney
Head of Certification & Training: Alex Brendel
Chair US Committee: Ivan Ivanov
Chair Supplier Review Committee: Tobias Brode
Chair User Review Committee: Oliver Peter
Head of New Member Acquisition: Tom Kissling
Head of Fundraising: Patrick Courtney
Head of Admin: Bart van der Schoot 
Head of Parter Management: Burkhard Schäfer