Free Personal Membership

No fees apply! Individuals interested in participating in future SiLA conferences and periodically receiving information about SiLA activities and achievements are invited to register as "Personal Member"on this website for free. As a "Personal Member" you will receive the following benefits:

  • Download published documents like standards and specifications
  • Get invited to conferences and exhibitions
  • Comment on all public SiLA activities on the website
  • We will keep you informed via email and newsletter

Our personal membership list is not publicly available.


Corporate Membership

Corporations, institutions interested in actively cooperating with SiLA or contributing to future SiLA meetings are invited to apply for corporate membership. You will find more information in the "Corporate Membership Information" section of our download area.

Please send your Corporate Membership Application to:

Peter Schleiffer - President of SiLA
SiLA - Association Consortium Standardization in Lab Automation
Oberseestrasse 10, CH-8640 Rapperswil / Switzerland


 Why join SiLA?

By joining SiLA, pharmaceutical and biotech companies send a tangible signal to automation and software suppliers that they intend to profit from the benefits of technical standardization in this field.

Being part of SiLA’s network allows members to influence the development and implementation of its global standards. The initiative supports its members to profit from its standards as early adopters.


All Corporate Members have the privilege to:

  1. Receive early access to information regarding the standards under development.
  2. Qualify as a ‘Certified SiLA Partner’
  3. Participate in SiLA conferences and SiLA booths at fairs
  4. Participate in joint marketing and communications activities of SiLA
  5. Receive access to test and diagnosis tools as well as to demonstration laboratories
  6. Receive training and certification

In addition to the privileges and duties common to all Corporate Members, Core and Supporting Members shall have the specific privilege:

  1.  To vote in ballots and meetings of SiLA bodies
  2.  To nominate directors, officers and staff for SiLA.
  3.  To participate in and to chair technical working groups.
  4.  To propose new standards and take sponsorship in new standards development.