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B. Information for Corporate Members

C. SiLA Standards

1. General

3. Command Dictionary Specification

4. Data Capture Standard (legacy version)

  • SiLA Data Capture Standard V1.0 (more)

    The document of the SiLA Data Capture Standard Version 1.0 released October 2013. It describes the format of data produced of a lab automation device.
    This is the current legacy version, for the upcoming Data Standard Specification please contact working group leader.

5. Process Management System (PMS)--in progress; please contact working group leader

6. Pipettor--in progress; please contact working group leader

7. Certification--in progress; please contact working group leader

8. Labware Specification

  • Labware Specification V1.0 (more)

    The goal of this document is to enable labware manufacturers to provide the specifications for their labware products in the form of SiLA compliant standard XML format files.

D. Test & Certification

E. Publications

1. Logos & Layouts

2. Conferences

3. XML Schemata Examples

5. Technical Note