SiLA Standards


SiLA is aiming to standardize data exchange and command handling on various levels in the laboratory and from the laboratory towards higher level systems. SiLA also provides guidelines to implement supplier-specific device commands and parameters, thus enabling unique instrument features.

Please find in the following list the areas, where SiLA currently has established standardization workgroups :

  • Device Control and Interface: Standardizes Data formats and Telegrams to exchange data between process management systems and devices.
  • This is supplemented by a Command Dictionary, which standardizes mandatory and optional command sets for each device class.
  • Data Standard: Standardizes result and meta data of instruments as well as higher level systems based on AnIML.
  • Labware Specification: Standardizes labware properties for liquid handling plates.
  • Imaging* : Standardizes complex image data and image analysis functionality.
  • Pipettor : Standardizes common pipettor functionality.
  • Process Management Systems: Management fuctionality handled by the software backbone of a SiLA compliant lab shall be handled in a uniform way.
  • Remote Services & Error Recovery* : Standardizes modular function blocks to define higher level application process functionality.
  • Harmonized Data Storage* : Standardizes harmonized data storage and the integration with the Enterprise level LIMS and ELN systems.
  • Certification: Framework for the SiLA Certifcation Office and procedures for compliance testing and accreditation of SiLA Test Sites.

* This working group is not initiated yet. If you are interested to participate please address yourself to our SiLA contact.