Labware Specification


SiLA’s Labware Specification Standard, developed by the SiLA Labware Workgroup, enables labware manufacturers to publish technical specifications for their labware products, using standardized parameter names and units and provide this data in the form of machine readable data files in XML format. The SiLA Standard Labware Specification Format contains parameters describing the geometric dimensions and physical characteristics of  labware products and provides metadata such as labware ID, version, manufacturer and order info.



Key Benefits of the SiLA Labware Specification Standard:

  • Minimized Labware Setup / Teaching Effort
  • Easy Validation and Certification of Device Compatibility
  • Freedom in Labware Selection
  • Sample Loss & Device Damage Avoidance
  • Reduced Efforts for Product Evaluation


e-Catalog of Labware

The Labware Standard will enabe multi-vendor e-Catalog and collaborative product specification management systems for labware products used in laboratory automation. This will allow users to search and compare labware products by combinations of labware properties. It also lists compatible device models supporting the specific labware product. Lab operators and device vendors are provided with labware specification parameter sets in SiLA Standard Formats which can be downloaded for direct processing by the device software to set up the labware item on their equipment.