The SiLA Pipettor Workgroup aims to develop a worldwide applicable and accepted standard in Pipettor command definitions. The pipettor is perceived as a versatile device, ranging from exclusive liquid-handling to automated systems able to control additional devices. The SiLA Pipettor Command Set has been divided into two separate device classes. An easy upgrade from Basic Pipettor to Pipetting workstation is supported through similar command concepts in both device classes.


Basic Pipettor

The command set of the Basic Pipettor allows for direct control of the pipettor. The pipettor itself doesn’t require any “intelligence” of its own.


Pipettor Workstation

Complex Pipettors generally come with software (PMS) that is able to address sub devices like robotic arms, Fluorescence Readers, Barcode Scanners or Shakers. The main component in such a device however is the Pipettor Workstation. The latter provides Command Interpretation and Management of Labware like microplates and tips.